Salon Intro and EcoSex Toy Party

Thursday March 14, 2013 – Thursday March 14, 2013

PO Box 761

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The Sensuality Salon where we will connect with each other on a soul level and practice the giving and receiving of sensual menu items with a purely non-sexual intent. The theme of the workshop is to allow people a safe space to listen, feel and relate from the heart in a giving and a receiving role. Surrender to your innocence and awaken you senses to unconditional love. It is actually designed to awaken people to the idea that sensuality DOES NOT HAVE TO INCLUDE SEXUALITY.

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After The Sensuality Salon introduction, we’ll dive into the elegant, sexy, fun, non-toxic and sweat shop free eco-sex toy party with Kim Marks!  She’s also great to talk with about sexuality and product concerns. Kim is from Portland and since she is planning a trip through the area, I thought it would be fun to share her goodies with y’all and to open my home for us to share together.

EcoSex Product Parties are a great way for you to bring your passion
for the environment into your home community. We offer a space where
you and your friends can ask those questions that you are most curious about in a safe comfortable environment.
 You can find out more about her products at:



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