FIRE and Steel Festival

Saturday June 15, 2013 – Sunday June 16, 2013

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Hey Ya buncha hippies!” Don’t miss the 3rd annual FIRE&Steel Street Festival in historic Colfax California! Literally double the event this year! We’re expanding out onto Main Street! Plus Food, Vendors, Lots of Fire AND for the first time, an Art Car and “burner” Parade down Main Street!
Lots of Free Interactive Theme Camps, Live Bands and DJ’s throughout the day, Fire Dancers, Fire Performance Art, Art Cars, Beer/Wine/Margarita Bar, Tons of Art and Sculpture – PLUS – “AFTER PARTIES” throughout Colfax at all the clubs till 2am.
Tickets at the door will be $15 in costume (or “burner wear”) ~ $20 in boring old street clothes…. BE HERE!!!

The Sensuality Salon is looking forward to hosting a theme camp at The FIRE and Steel Festival in historic Colfax, CA.  Come join us for a non-sexual, co-created experience to open your heart. This includes a workshop that takes people on a tantalizing journey of taste, touch, scent and sound. Release yourself from the parameters of sight and open to receive from another in an innocent, open-hearted exchange.  Our goal is to facilitate the ability to give and receive on a soul level. Surrender to your innocence and awaken you senses to unconditional love.


This is NOT a sex play/ sex related workshop.  It is actually designed to awaken people to the idea that sensuality DOES NOT HAVE TO INCLUDE SEXUALITY.


The theme of the workshop is to allow people a safe space to listen, feel and relate from the heart in a giving and a receiving role.  Since the majority of us believe that sensuality is sexual, we tend to have walls up when it comes to opening our heart to each other.  I would like to facilitate a safe place for people to explore what it means to open to love unconditionally.  This includes stating, setting and respecting our boundaries as individuals.  People ask each other pre-printed questions regarding boundaries and sense experience, then blindfold one partner and offer sensual touch with a variety of menu items provided such as food, soft fabrics, rattles, bells, essential oils. After each person have the giving and receiving experience then they are offered another set of questions to dialog about their experience. The idea is to take the sexuality out of sensuality so that we can live from a more open-hearted place in our daily interactions with each other and our world.


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