2016 Surrender: An EcoSexual Convergence

June 15- 19, 2016

The Sensuality Salon will once again be joining with the wilds of nature at the annual EcoSex convergence!


Windward Community and Sustainability Center


Are you yearning for REAL connection?

Are you longing for SANCTUARY with Nature?

Are you willing to EMBRACE the Earth as your Lover?

Come, make your offering to Gaia.

Dance, sing and play in the deep woods.

Surrender is a gathering to bring together wild souls who express a love for Life by stewarding and merging with the Earth through the whole of their bodies, minds and spirits. Over the course of three days in a private oak and pine forest, Surrender will create space for deep grounding of participants with the land and in the sacred sensual prayer of life. Together, as we open our hearts to the Earth and to each other, we will grieve, support, connect, celebrate, listen, learn, inspire, imagine and create.

With the full moon as our witness, and the elements as our guides, we will participate in rites of initiation to affirm our role as EcoSexuals. Listening intimately to the land and each other, we will surrender to the deep consciousness of Nature in order to evolve towards a culture that is life positive, sex positive and ecologically sustainable.

All of Earth’s lovers are welcome.

Surrender: An Ecosexual Convergence 2016 will be hosted in the pine and oak forest of the Windward Community and Sustainability Center, located in Klickitat, Washington. The private 40 acre camp-ground reserved for Surrender is part of Windward’s 130 acre state-recognized Stewardship Forest, managed by members of the community for timber, firewood, forage, food, medicinals, mushrooms, art and craft materials, wildlife habitat, solace, refuge and inspiration.

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