Berkeley Sensuality Salon Evening

Tuesday April 9, 2013 – Tuesday April 9, 2013

1636 Bonita Ave

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Bring your friends and enjoy an intimate evening with The Sensuality Salon at the Berkeley Yurt Temple near MLK and University Ave in Berkeley, CA.

The Sensuality Salon is a non-sexual experience designed to provide a safe and innocent space to experience our senses from our hearts, opening to each other and the world around us. Explore sensuality without the pressure of sexuality through giving and receiving in full surrender.

This workshop is available to individuals and couples and is appropriate for all ages, but best suited for ages 16 and up.
You do not need to bring a partner to attend, but there is a discount if you bring a friend. In the beginning of the workshop we will split into groups of four. We will work with partners to establish boundaries, gain trust and offer sensual treats from a menu of provided organic treats. While it can deepen your experience to work with people you know because the trust is already established, working with the serendipitous group may even be an equally valuable experience in itself. This workshop is a perfect tool to create intimacy in our lives, with strangers we meet, with the world around us and most importantly, with ourselves.

$25 per person or $40 for two .TWO FOR ONE Pre-paid discount until 6pm on April 9th. Only $25 to bring a friend for free. Space is limited.

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