2016 Surrender: An EcoSexual Convergence

June 15- 19, 2016 The Sensuality Salon will once again be joining with the wilds of nature at the annual EcoSex convergence! http://ecosexconvergence.org/ Windward Community and Sustainability Center Description: Are you yearning for REAL connection? Are you longing for SANCTUARY with Nature? Are you willing to EMBRACE the Earth as your Lover?~ Continue~

Lucidity Festival

Friday April 12, 2013 – Sunday April 14, 2013 Live Oak Campground Map and Directions | Register Description: The Sensuality Salon will be available as part of the Perma-Culture Community Network Village.  Free to all who attend the Lucidity Festival. Become a PCCN member and get a 10% discount on~ Continue~

Sensuality Salon Query for Participants

What came up for you in the role of giver? Of a receiver?   How can this benefit your daily life?   Did you feel in tune with your senses before? Is it different now?   When you remember things, which sense(s) do you remember from?   How can this~ Continue~